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I love these classes! When I became a new mom during a pandemic, I was really looking for connection and community. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s been amazing to re-learn yoga and grow alongside an amazing group of moms and babes.

Mama of James


In April of 2020 (start of the pandemic) I was pregnant and came across a post for a prenatal yoga class in Gage Park being taught by Rebecca. I joined because I needed movement and to get out of my house! Here we are two years later and Rebecca has become a great friend, is a constant source of support, and has expanded her business to include so much more! Rebecca has created an amazing community of women within Hamilton. Cannot recommend her classes enough. Plus she’s the absolute loveliest person. 

Mama of Annie


This Mom community Rebecca has created has been a saving grace for me during my maternity leave! 
At a time with so much uncertainty in my life and the world, the yoga and baby book club classes have been a safe place for us to go to get out of the house, move our bodies, and connect with other moms and babies. 
I’m so grateful for the work Rebecca does to create this welcoming and supportive space for me and my baby!

Mama of Cohen


I joined Rebecca's programming when I was a few months pregnant through her prenatal classes. Since then I've had the opportunity to join Rebecca through her mom and baby yoga classes, stroller and beers, and mama restorative yoga. I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing mothers in the community who were going through the same phases as I was and I'm forever grateful for the long-term friendships I've made thanks to Rebecca and her programming. If you're looking for an amazing opportunity to connect with local mothers, do fun things and have a reason to leave the house on a weekly basis I highly recommend joining one of Rebecca's classes. You won't regret it!

Mama of Theo


I am so thankful I found Rebecca! I was hunting through Mom groups on facebook looking for a class similar to what I would typically see in movies, moms and their strollers walking through the park and doing some exercises. That’s when I was introduced to Rebecca back in the spring of 2021. Even though I’m not big into yoga or fitness her class was really easy to get into and I never felt out of my comfort zone (even though I was totally out of my comfort zone!). Rebecca is such a genuine human being, she is so kind and creates a very comfortable and safe space. My daughter is just over a year so we have a blast in the babies on the move class. There’s time to socialize with other moms and a nice space for the littles to roam! Rebecca has done a great job with this class, she’s really done a great job with all of her classes . Rebecca offers a Mama Restore and Connect Yoga class, it’s by far my favourite. It’s so relaxing!I love the community here and look forward to many more classes in the future. 5/5 stars and I would highly recommend!!

Mama of Rylee


I met Rebecca when we were both pregnant in 2020 and joined her prenatal yoga in the park. Since then I have signed up for nearly every class she has created. There are so many challenges of being a first-time mom (or 2nd, 3rd..) add in a pandemic, and it’s incredibly isolating. Rebecca has created a community with her parent/child focus classes that is supportive, fun, and well-rounded. I really enjoyed the Baby Book Club, Babes on the Move, Mom and Baby Yoga, Mom Strolls, and Mama Restore yoga classes. My son definitely enjoyed them too! They have not only provided me with fun, creative and educational things to do with my son, but a support group of moms to share this experience with. I am incredibly grateful to Rebecca for organizing all these classes and meet ups, I not only have fun, but made some lasting mom friends! I highly recommend joining any of Rebecca’s classes. She is so kind, creative, and truly enjoys it! You will too!

Mama of Kayden

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